May 20/05 (4 AM) - Happy 100! It has been a week of milestones which is better than gallstones or kidneystones. That's bad. It's 4:00 am and I couldn't sleep. I should go back to bed, but you're stuck with me now. Back to the milestones: This is Journal 100. Is it more significant than 99? No, but people seem to have a fascination for zeroes. There's even more zeroes in 10,000 which was the number of hits this site surpassed a few days ago. If I had any wine in the house, I'd offer a toast to myself. Since there isn't, let's get on with a few bird notes.

Since the last Journal I've stopped at San Malo and Kaye Road a couple of times. San Malo has been very quiet. No shorebirds or Great Egret. I've been to San Malo about twice as much as last year and seen much fewer shorebirds. At Kaye Road (actually Peterson), the House Wren seems to have taken up permanent residence near the nature trail but no sign of any flycatchers except the Olive-sided. The 4 Spotted Sandpiper at Rascal Lane have been busy with their mating games. Yesterday at home the Western Tanager finally paid me a visit. I paced off the distance to my tall Arbutus - 105' plus 20 for the triangulation to the top = 125' which was the distance of the photo. That's why the photo is small.

GETTING CLOSER - The Black-throated Gray Warbler and partner were in my garden collecting nest material. I almost got a good photo. I hope there's a "next time."

RASCAL LANE - Besides the "Spotties" there were lots of Vioet-green, Tree, and Northern Rough-winged Swallows, a pair of Chipping Sparrows, a couple of White-crowns, and a few American Goldfinch. The Goldfinch seem to like the willows beside the pond.

SETTING UP HOUSE - Since I first spotted the House Wren on May 15, I've seen it there on 2 subsequent occasions. I wonder if it has a mate and nest there.

ON THE SPOT - I've visited the Spotties on 2 previous occasions and couldn't get within 100'. On my 3rd visit, they were playing the mating game. I'm not sure who was pursuing who, but they seemed oblivious to my presence. They came within 30 feet of me.

DISTANT TANAGER - I was happy to see my first of the year Western Tanager, but it was 125' feet away. Too far for a good picture but close enough for a record shot.

ROAD KILL RENDEVOUS - Heading home from Kaye Road yesterday I encountered a little roadkill party at a deer carcass. 2 Bald Eagles, 1 Turkey Vulture, and 2 crows.

WAITING FOR ITS TURN - The Turkey Vulture had to wait patiently for the eagles to finish.

LONG-BILLED VIREO? - I met this bird near the north Dolphin Eagle nest yesterday. It seems to have a long bill like the Red-eye, but without the red-eye, it has to be Warbling Vireo.


HANGING AROUND - Mrs. Hairy hasn't been around since the Christmas snow storm, but she's been hanging around my feeder for the past 4 days. She definitely has a weak spot for sunflower seeds. This picture was taken through the thermo glass kitchen window.

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