May 25/05 - DOUBLE CROSSBILL COINCIDENCE - On May 24, I had given Jeff Clarke of Halton, England permission to use a Crossbill photo for his nature reserve website. I've never seen Crossbills in Nanoose, but on May 25, while I was golfing at Fairwinds in the morning, I noticed a flock of about 20 Red Crossbills in the trees by the 16th tee box. When I was home having lunch after golf, I looked outside and saw a bird on my holly tree. Without my glasses, I thought it was just one of my resident Purple Finches. Out of habit, I grabbed the camera and stuck it out the window and was quite surprised to see a Red Crossbill - a new yard bird for me. Do you need another photo Jeff?

May 26/05 - The White-crowned Sparrow is another common year-round resident. There's none around my yard in the summer, but there's plenty around Kaye Road.

MAY 27/05 - HARLEQUIN ROMANCE - I haven't seen the Harlequins for almost a month. It was a pleasant surprise to see a flock of 50 just north of Qualicum. Where's the romance? Well, I do love seeing them.

May 28 - A LEISURELY LEGACY MARSH MORNING - Legacy Marsh is an amazing bird and wildlife habitat just north of Nanaimo on the west side of Lantzville. My goal today was to photograph the Black-headed Grosbeak and some Willow Flycatchers. The Grosbeaks stayed out of range, but one of the many Willow Flycatchers was very agreeable.

The Marsh Wren at the south end was a non-stop chatterbox. Maybe its job is like a Walmart greeter for all the visitors to the marsh.

Willow Flycatchers were everywhere with"fitz-bews" coming from all corners of the marsh. Most were quite wary and didn't stay around for pictures, but halfway up the trail, I finally found a friendly one. There were also a couple of Olive-sided Flycatchers in the area.

Swainson's Thrush could be heard in every grove of trees, and one was actually out in the open enjoying the morning sunshine.

A pair of male Wood Ducks were hunting near the rocky viewpoint. The water was bubbling with something that attracted the ducks. Maybe they were turtles.


BABY ROBIN? What if I told you its Mom was a Robin? Okay, foster mother. Now you get it.

REAL ROBINS - "Mommy, I'm hungry." I bet you've heard that before. But Mommy simply said, "Get your own worm, Junior." And that's exactly what junior did.

The proud parent Eagle at north Dolphin Lake said the babies will be peeking over the nest pretty soon.

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