JOURNAL 186 - Dec. 20/06

Just in case some of you have been lucky enough to be isolated on some south sea Island for the past month, Vancouver Island has been a complete war zone. First it was torrential monsoon rains causing massive flooding and destruction to many towns especially Port Alberni. Next it was a precocious blast of winter dumping tons of snow, crippling roads, collapsing roofs, and closing schools. And finally the exclamation mark with hurricane force winds tearing apart the hydro grid, causing massive and prolonged power outages, slamming trees into houses and cars, causing millions of dollars in damage, and again closing roads and isolating communities. Miraculously, human lives were spared, but many continue to suffer without power and communication.

The fact that I have been unable to do any bird photography is inconsequential in light of the chaos and destruction. I was lucky enough to only endure three power outages totalling about 50 hours, a wiped out deck railing from the snow as well as a bent chimney and roof leak from the snow. With nothing new to publish, I have I have decided to relive the past and enjoy a bit of "twitching." There's nothing left to say except, "All the best for Christmas and the New Year!"