Apr. 28, 2004

Hi Everybody,

I had to make a quick trip to Vancouver on Wed. and just had enough time to catch the last hour at the Reifel Wild Bird Sanctuary. It wasn't the best time of day nor the best time of year, but there was still lots to see and photograph.

I only had a few minutes at the Tsawassen Terminal so I chose the south side and found a flock of Black Turnstones.


I missed the turnoff for Ladner and ended up at the Compensation Lagoon where there were 1000's of Dunlin and Sandpipers (left - Western Sandpiper; right - Least Sandpiper).



I wasn't surprised to see 100's of mallards panhandling for treats, but I was surprised to see a couple of Wood Ducks stooping to the same level.

Barn Swallow

Sandhill Crane

The sign said beware of the Sandhill Crane so you can bet we were a bit anxious about passing this crane on a 5' wide trail.

Northern Shoveler Duck

Marital Bliss - This pair of Northern Shoveler ducks did everything together.


Green-winged Teal

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