May 31, 2004


Hi Everybody,
I'm still basically homebound with a job-jar full of chores but that gave me another chance to try for the perfect Rufous photo. I caught up with the family of Red-breasted Nuthatches this morning, but it was too early and cloudy for a good picture - I managed one of those "shouldn't post but I did" shots. My only bird outing in the past few days was a couple of hours at Legacy Marsh this morning where the air was filled with the "fitz-bew" of Willow Flycatchers. Legacy Marsh (aka Dumont Marsh) is a Ducks Unlimited project off Superior Road in Lantzville. After an early halibut 'n chips at Piper's Pub, we stopped at McGregor's Marsh for a Pied-billed Grebe.

QUEST FOR PERFECTION - The essence of photography is to take the perfect photo. Here's where I need your help. Just to let me know how much farther I have to go for the perfect Rufous photo, rank the following 4 images on a scale of 1 - 5.   5=perfect, 4=excellent, 3=average, 2=poor, 1=garbage bin. Email me at this site with your ratings. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated. Your feedback will tell me to try harder, get a better camera and lens, or stick to golf. All these photos were taken on May 28 during a rain shower. Why? For some reason, the hummers will sit around and relax when it's raining. They barely sit for a second when it's sunny.

#1 Nothing like a shower to wash the dust off the feathers.

#2 Showing off the tail feathers.

#3 Showing off the gorget.

#4 "I want my Mommy!"

A family of Red-breasted Nuthatches were having breakfast at my feeders this morning as I was having coffee. There were at least 4 little ones with the parents.


"Fitz-bew" the Willow Flycatcher

Cedar Waxwing

American Goldfinch

Mrs. B. H. Grosbeak was busy shopping for building supplies. I wonder if it is for a first or second nest.

Meanwhile, Mr. B. H. Grosbeak seemed to be playing tag with the other guys.

I was surprised to find a Pied-billed Grebe at McGregor's Marsh. Just like us, it was having fish for lunch.