June 4, 2004


Hi Everybody,
You're probably think hummers are the only birds in my yard. Well, there are a few others and they have asked for a little cyberspace too. So, I'm dedicating this issue to some of my other yard birds. By the way, all these yard shots were from my kitchen window (except for the pale swallowtail in my garden). (Yard photos all on Jun. 1/04)


If Mrs. R.B. Nuthatch looks ragged it's because she was forever flitting back-and-forth from the feeders to the fir tree where her ravenous children were waiting.

Mr. R.B. Nuthatch was also doing his share as he was ready to crack open another sunflower seed.

Like a feathered ray of sunshine, the little Yellow Warbler lit up a cold and gloomy morning.

While most of my yard birds were working the feeders, a couple of Downy Woodpeckers were finding their own tasty treats.

A buff-feathered Spotted Towhee? Notice the light feather at the base of the tail. It was still there after the bath.

My yard looked like a birdy daycare. This young Purple Finch was only one of the many young birds waiting for sustenance from its parents.

Papa Purple Finch was diligently doing his duty looking after the young ones.

Poor Pine Siskin had to wait its turn to get onto the feeder.

Seems like a good year for pale swallowtails and other butterflies.

Notice the orange crown on the Orange-crowned Warbler?

I don't know what the Orange-crowned Warblers were eating but they found it in the dried up holly blossums.

The American Goldfinch and its friends were recent arrivals to my yard.


Momma Common Merganser and her "extended" family at the Englishman Estuary was the most adorable sight I've seen in awhile. I wonder how they decide who gets to ride?