June 9, 2004

Hi Everybody,
It's such a wonderful time of the year seeing all the new babies. This week it was the Hooded Mergansers, Spotted Towhees, Chickadees, and today (June 9), the GREAT HORNED OWLS. The owls were extra special for me as I hadn't seen an owl on the Island since I got interested in birds last year.


There's a lot more squeaking around my yard with a bunch of young Chickadees flitting around.

The population of Dolphin Lake recently increased by 5. This success story might be attributed to the extra nest boxes installed by the Nanoose Naturalists although confirmation is not available at this time.

A pair of Towhee chicks appeared near my feeders on June 8.

Baby Robin was around my lawn last week.

It was an amazing sight to see the 2 huge Great Horned fledglings.

There's something mystical and magical about owls. I had that same feeling when I saw the Great Gray at UBC.


Feeder freeloaders - Spilled seed doesn't get wasted around here with an abundance of wild "Sooke" bunnies, quail, and even my dog to clean up.

Band-tailed Pigeons seem to be everywhere like on the Weyhauser Logging Road on June 8.

No offense intended, but the Turkey Vulture does look better with its head in the shadow.

A pair of Olive-sided Flycatchers were busy with nest-building materials yesterday (June 8) at the Enos Lake Lookout.

Chipping Sparrows were quite abundant near the Top Bridge trail in Parksville. (June 5)

I wasn't able to get close to a Chipping Sparrow all spring, but my luck finally changed on Sat. I wonder if it was because I was close to the nesting sites?