July 4, 2004

Hi Everybody,


As much as I enjoy birding all over Vancouver Island, with the price of gas and the time it takes, it's a bonus when the birds drop in for a visit. For 3 days (Jun 29 - Jul 1), a GREAT HORNED OWL had been hanging around my backyard. The first night it kept me awake all night with it's constant calling (squeaking?, crying?). On the second day, I spotted it at 8 PM when most of my property is in the shade. With the shade and the thick canopy, I couldn't even see it even though I was standing about 8-10 meters under it. Sensing my frustration, it kindly flew to the top half of a fir tree in the sun. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! That's EASY BIRDING! And with only 2.5 birds to show, it's been a very easy (slack) week.


It was most considerate of the Great Horned Owl to visit before the sun set, and then to pose in a sunny location - what more can one ask for?

Pacific-slope Flycatcher at Dolphin Lake

FEAR OF FLYING? the nestling Bald Eagle at Fairwinds was thinking about its first flight ...

Western Tiger Swallowtail

Anise Swallowtail