July 25/04

LEFT-OVERS ... a couple of old shots, a couple of new shots ... that doesn't sound too appetizing, but as much as I would like to be able to photograph some new birds every week, I know that isn't going to happen. I'm assuming there are still lots of birds around but they are more active before sunrise when it's not ideal for photography. There was no lack of effort either as I covered Victoria to Mt. Washington in the past week. I couldn't find the 3-toed Woodpecker this trip but was able to add a very distant photo of a Hermit Thrush to the Island photo list.

FALLOUT OR SHOWER? How many birds constitute a fallout? Regardless, there was a nice little shower of about 40 Long-billed Dowitchers at Viaduct Flats on Jul. 16/04 while I was taking pictures of some Greater Yellowlegs.

AMAZING FISHERMAN - The Bald Eagles at Bamfield have adapted well with modern fishing strategies. They simply keep an eye out for fishermen releasing undersized, unwanted, or illegal fish. Any that don't recover quickly become eagle food. (Bamfield - Jul. 15/04)

THE ALL-TOO-COMMON COMMON MURRE - I didn't want another Bamfield Murre picture on Jul. 15/04, but they just kept popping up all over to get their picture taken.

Caspian Tern at Admiral's Lagoon (Jul. 24/04). ( I'm not proud of this distant photo, but it has been difficult to get close to them this year.)

THE BUTTERTUBS MERLIN - I missed the Bullock's Oriole family by a week (were there 2 babies?), but it was good to see the Merlin for the first time this year. Apparently there have been several sightings of the Green Heron too, but my turn hasn't come up yet. (Jul. 22/04)

LEGACY MARSH YELLOWTHROAT - Legacy Marsh is a wonderful habitat for marsh life and birds such as the Common Yellowthroat. There also seems to be a growing population of bullfrogs which could destroy many of the natural marsh species. (Jul. 22/04)

WOODIE DUCKIES - I believe Wood Ducks are 1 of the 3 duck species that breed in Buttertubs marsh. Mallards and Hooded Mergansers are the only others I know of. (Jul. 22/04)

SAVANNAHS ON THE SAVANNAH - Now it all makes sense. Savannah Sparrows are so named because they favor the treeless plains such as around Victoria Airport ... (tell me I'm right) (Jul. 21/04)

HERON HANGOUT - If you need a Great Blue Heron photo, an excellent spot is the Esquimalt Lagoon. Even with tons of people swimming and watching the aircraft carrier, there were about 8 herons feeding in the lagoon. (Jul. 16/04)

PHOTO REGULARS - Lately the only birds I could count on for photography have been the Olive-sided Flycatchers down at the River's Edge subdivision. I hope they don't leave too soon.(Jul. 24/07)