Aug. 7/04, 2004


Armed with mosquito repellent and gumboots, I returned to the Nanaimo River Estuary twice in the past week. It's an excellent location for photography as it is wide open for good lighting and the shorebirds are often very cooperative (i.e. busy eating).

WAITING FOR THE PARADE - The Long-billed Dowitchers (and a possible Semi) at the Nanaimo Estuary were waiting for the B.C. Day parade. Unfortunately, they were a few days late. (Aug. 5/04)

SIESTA TIME - There's nothing like a little nap after an hour of foraging for food. (Aug. 5/04)

SIZING UP THE LUNCH - Merlin the magician made all the shorebirds disappear when he went looking for lunch. (Aug. 7/04)

HANGING WITH THE DOWI'S - On Aug. 2 there were about 20 Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs at the Nanaimo Estuary. On Aug. 5 there were only 2 Greater Yellowlegs with about 40 Long-billed Dowitchers.

AT LAST, THE LEAST - With all this searching for the Semi, I've almost neglected the Least. I'm glad they mostly have yellow legs. (Aug. 5/04)

QUIZ - Which bird is the Greater Yellowlegs & which is the Lesser? Sorry, no phone calls allowed. (Aug. 7/04)

PERPETUAL MOTION - With all the bobbing, weaving, and fancy footwork, the Lesser Yellowlegs had the makings of a prize-fighter and was difficult to photograph. (Aug. 7/04)

MYSTERY FLEDGLING (Aug. 3/04) - Brown-headed Cowbird (Thanks David & Guy)

PECTORAL SANDPIPER (distant photo)(Aug. 7/04)