Aug. 14/04, 2004

The past week was exceptional. As mentioned in Journal 39, my wife and I spent a splendid Tuesday in Tofino strolling among the shorebirds (Western and least Sandpipers, Semipalmated Plovers, and Sanderling) on Chesterman Beach in search of the Long-billed Curlew. We weren't disappointed. On Friday, we were in Victoria looking for the Stilt Sandpiper. Luck was with us as Chris, Ali, and Alister just happened to be at Viaduct Flats at the same time. Chris located the Stilt at the far end of the pond and patiently tracked it until it was in camera range. Unfortunately, the Stilt preferred to stay out in the smart weed just out of ideal range for a good shot. However, I did get a few distant shots, and it was a pleasure to finally meet Chris, Ali, and Alister.

A REAL PECTORAL - I think I've got it right this time. I managed to find one Pectoral among the group of 25 Westerns and Least at Holden Creek on Aug. 9/04.

MOVING TARGETS - One of these days I'm going to get some good flight shots of peeps. These 2 Least at Holden on Monday were my best so far.

SPAGHETTI WESTERN - Okay, I know it's a terrible caption, but the red mud at Holden Creek looks a bit like spaghetti sauce to me.

LAUGHING HEERMANN'S GULL - The joke's on you if you thought I was talking about another bird. (Clover Point - Aug. 13/04)

SURF'S IN - There were a few Surf Birds at Ogden Point on Friday jostling with the Black Turnstones for the best rock. The Turnstones were definitely the more aggressive bird.

STILT SANDPIPER - The Stilt at Viaduct Flats was kind enough to fly across the pond to visit us.

DOWI BEHAVIOR - 95% of the time the Stilt had it's bill in the mud just like the Dowi's.

HANGING WITH THE 'LEGS - On Friday the Stilt stuck with the Yellowlegs, but Chris mentioned it was alone on other occasions.