Aug. 19/04

HOME WEEK - After chasing around the Island from Tofino to Victoria last week, it was time to stay around home for a few days - Holden creek to Columbia Beach. It was a pleasure to rediscover the therapeutic beauty of Admiral's Lagoon on a summer's eve. About an hour before sunset was perfect with the gentle waves of high tide lapping guietly on the beach and a feeding frenzy of peeps, Black Turnstones, and Bonaparte Gulls at the waters edge. Despite the frantic activity, the scene was calming - a communion with nature and life at its best ... On the other hand, Holden Creek was also alive, but mainly with mosquitoes. Actually, there were also a lot of shorebirds - mainly Western and Least but also a surprising number of Baird's and Lesser Yellowlegs.

BAIRD'S WEEK - 3 at Columbia Beach on Sun., 16 at Holden Mon., and 9 at Holden on Tue., 12 on Thur. ... considering that I never saw any last year, I've had a Baird's week. (Aug. 15 - Columbia Beach)

HANGING WITH THE GANG - The Baird's at Columbia Beach was just like a big brother to the Westerns.(Aug. 18/04)

BEWICK'S AT LAST! - I've never had a Bewick's stay still for more than a second until I caught one having a snack at Legacy Marsh on Tue. Morning. (Aug. 17/04)

POSSIBLE "SEMI" #4 (Aug. 16 - Holden Field)

LESS IS MORE! - Usually, there are more Greater Yellowlegs than Lesser. However, so far this month at Holden, the Lesser's seem to have outnumbered the Greater's. There were 7 Lesser's on Mon. and 0 Greater's. Tuesday it was 3 to 0 for Lesser's.(Photo :Aug. 16 - Holden Field). Thur. 9 to 0 for Lesser's.

CHOW TIME! - Wow! I wonder what Momma Pied-billed Grebe is serving up for lunch? Aren't those grebelings(?) cute? (Aug. 17 - Legacy Marsh)

PATERNITY? - With those striped heads you'd think that the Grebe mated with a zebra.

ONE MORE CURLEW PHOTO - After driving 2.5 hours to Tofino for the Long-billed Curlew photos last week, it's worth seeing another picture isn't it?

TURNSTONE ON THE ROCKS - It's a bit unusual for a single Black Turnstone to hang out with a bunch of peeps, but that was the case on Wed. (Aug. 18/04) morning at Columbia Beach.