Sept. 18/04

A few days ago, an acquaintance from a previous life mentioned that Sharp-shinned Hawks frequented her backyard. I told her I was envious as I wanted a chance to photograph the bird. That same evening at Craig Bay Estates, a Sharpie scattered a flock of passerines I was stalking and landed in a tree about 40' away. I got my photo! Sounds easy but that's my only new bird for the week.

Sept. 18/04 - LOOKING FOR LUNCH - I was checking out a flock of over 100 passerines (mostly American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins) at Craig Bay Estates but so was something else. The flock scattered in a hurry as the Sharp-shinned Hawk flew in.

Sept. 13/04 - INVASION OF ADMIRAL'S ISLAND - Admiral's Island is actually the sandbar on the water side of Admiral's Lagoon. It is the favorite roosting spot of gulls, turnstones, plovers, and Black Oystercatchers until it is covered by high tide.

SHORELINE PATROL - The Common Merganser was working its way up the shoreline at San Pareil looking for food and found me instead. (Sept. 11/04)

DENTAL FLOSS? - Good dental hygiene is important for everyone including the Hooded Merganser at Craig Bay Estates.

PREPARING FOR WINTER - Mr. Downy Woodpecker was collecting seed from my feeder and stashing it in the tree crevice just below its left foot. (Sept15/04)

DROPPING IN - The Blackbellied Plovers knew exactly when Admiral's Island reappeared with the receding tide, and they arrived on cue to claim their share of the gravel bar. (Sept. 17/04)

AMAZING FISHER - It's always fascinating to see an Osprey plunge feet first completely underwater, emerge with a fish, and catapult itself back into the air. Like I said, "Amazing!" (Sept. 17/04 - Admiral's Lagoon)

Water sprays as the powerful wings come down to thrust the Osprey into the air.

We have lift-off and a juicy catch.

Heading home with breakfast. Hope the coffee's ready!