Sept. 22/04, 2004


We've already had 3 times the normal rainfall for this part of September. I wonder how it affects the migrations? My new bird for this week is the Hutton's Vireo.

Sept. 18/04 - During the night, there was a nasty rainstorm. In the morning my yard was full of birds including a bunch of Gold-crowned Sparrows. Sunflower seeds were a popular item.

Sept. 20/04 - The promise of sunshine made today a birding day. I struck out at San Malo Flats, French Creek, Qualicum Beach, and Nile Creek, but the next road north was worth the stop as I found my first Hutton's Vireo.

Sept. 20/04 - My next stop was peaceful Deep Bay. As usual the channel between Deep Bay and Denman Island was dead calm and full of Grebes, Loons, Scoters, and other sea birds - all out of camera range. The end of Deep Bay Spit was kinder as a Pigeon Guillemot was closer to shore than ever. (No sign of the Long-tails yet.)

Sept. 20/04 - It was high tide at Oyster Bay when I arrived - feeding time for the Blackturnstones, Western Sandpipers, and Black-bellied Plovers. I had never been able to get close to the Black-bellies at Admiral's Lagoon, but the Oyster Bay birds were much friendlier. A couple of them came as close as 5 meters to me.

Sept. 20/04 - I made a quick stop at Nanoose Estuary when I saw the Redtail on the eagle Christmas tree. It flew before I could get close enough. Since I was there, I checked out a flock of House Finches and lucked out with a Warbling Vireo.

Sept. 20/04 - My first thought when I spotted the long bill with its head in the water at Oyster Bay was Stilt (wishful thinking), but it turned out to be a Long-billed Dowitcher.

Sept. 20/04 - Looking for a miracle, I decided to stop at Miracle Beach. All I found were a few gulls and one Great Blue Heron - looking cold as usual.