Sept. 26/04

I tried. 2 futile trips to Piper's Lagoon looking for the Kentucky Warbler & 2 misses at Holden for the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper. But, on the plus side, I did get a decent photo of the Western Meadowlark and the Pec's and Dowi's at Holden were very cooperative.

AN APPLE A DAY ... Even the Cedar Waxwing recognizes the nutritional value of apples. (Englishman Estuary - Sept. 22/04)

SUNSHINE AT LAST - The Western Meadowlark wasn't too happy with our wet September, but a couple of days of sun has lifted its spirits. Maybe it'll stay a few days.(Nanoose Estuary - Sept. 24/04)

A COMMONER AGAIN - After the regal summer life of raising a family in its handsome breeding plumage, the Common Loon was enjoying the common retired life again at French Creek. (Sept. 23/04)


SECRET #1 - Dowi's are very amorous. They love to pucker up and show their affection. Give me a kiss, baby!

SECRET #2 - Dowi's do not have hairdressers. They do their own grooming. What do you think of the undergarments? (Sept. 25/04 Holden Creek)

EYE IN THE SKY - Sitting high above Holden Creek, the Peregrine Falcon contemplated its next meal. (Sept. 25/04 Holden Creek)

PEC'S & DOWI'S - Pectoral Sandpipers and Long-billed Dowitchers have been regulars at Holden creek for the past couple of weeks. (Sept. 25/04 Holden Creek)