Oct. 4/04, 2004 - MINI DEEP BAY PELAGIC - I didn't find the Western Grebes or Marbled Murrulets I was looking for, but it was a magnificent Deep Bay day with my buddy, Bob Flemming.

PHOTOGENIC GREBE - The Rednecked Grebes at the entrance to the harbour are used to boats so I had no trouble getting a close shot.

SIESTA TIME - Besides the Surfbird, there were 200 seals, 40 Black Turnstones, and 12 gulls sleeping on Norris Rock.

CHROME ISLAND RESIDENTS - The main inhabitants of Chrome Island are squatters like the Pelagic and Brandt's Cormorants.

PACIFIC LOON - A large flock of about 50 Pacific Loons were feeding near Denman Island. Although they have been reported in the region for about a week, this was my first sighting for the fall.