Oct. 11/04


Given the choice of doing garden cleanup and cutting firewood or a little photo-birding, you know what I chose. Armed with precise information from David Allinson and Chris Saunders I spent a very relaxed and pleasant Thanksgiving Day in Victoria. Although the American Avocet wasn't home when I visited Witty's Lagoon, the Rock Wren was by the concrete pipe exactly as scheduled. It took awhile for it to get used to me, but we eventually made friends and I got my photos. The Marbled Godwit was also exactly as described at Cattle Point. (Thanks for the info, David & Chris.)

ON THE ROCKS - I first located the Rock Wren on the rocks right beside the first house on the concrete pipe. It flew over to McMicking Point while I continued my tour to the end of the pipe.

ON THE PIPE - When I returned, the Rock Wren was fraternizing with some House Finches on the pipe and driftwood near the beginning of the pipe.

FRIENDS? - At first I could only get within 40-50 feet, but eventually, I was as close as I wanted at 25 feet. It seemed to be more interested in eating wasps and bugs than worrying about me.

FISHING FRENZY - While I was photographing the Rock Wren, a flurry of activity in the water caught my attention. Four Heermaan's Gulls and a seal were feasting on a school of fish just inside Mcmicking Point.

ON THE RAMP - When I arrived at Cattle Point, I was surprised to see the Marbled Godwit almost on the boat ramp. It didn't seem to mind the boats coming and going, but as soon as I tried to sneak in with my camera, it headed for Oak Bay. Good thing I took a few distant shots before I tried to get closer.

CITY HOODS - I was wondering why I haven't seen any Hooded Mergansers in Nanoose this fall. They've been urbanized and are enjoying the easy life in Oak Bay.