Oct. 30/04, 2004 - There have been some wonderful birds reported on the Island in the past week. If anyone is interested in the details and discussion, they should join the vanisland birding group. Just to summarize, the Grey Wagtail (Carmanah Point), Sky Lark (Jordan River), Bullock's Oriole (Tofino), and Snowy Owl (Columbia Beach). I would have been happy to have seen and photographed just one of those, but it's a big island and information is sometimes very slow. However, we did have a couple of sunny days, and there's always geese and gulls to check out. This week I chose the Cackling Geese at Parksville Beach, and as a bonus, found a Snow Goose.

JUVENILE COMMON LOON - A pair of juvenile Common Loon have been frequenting the Schooner Cove Marina for the past week. I drive past there 3 times a week so I keep an eye open for birds. With a little luck, we may see the return of the Yellow-billed Loon from last December. (Oct. 26/04)


The Eurasian Wigeon at Fairwinds blends in very well with the vegetation on the 18th pond. (Oct. 26/04)


I stopped by Parksville Park late yesterday morning and was pleasantly surprised to find a juvenile Snow Goose. At probably the same time, 3 miles north at Columbia Beach, a Snowy Owl was reported. (Oct. 29/04)

CACKLING GEESE - Rumor has it the the AOU split the Canada Goose into 2 species just to give birders more to do during these cool winter days. Well, it did give me something to do yesterday as I checked out the flock at Parksville Beach. Just for the fun of it, I posted 2 different birds to see if you think they are the same subspecies or not.

FUNNY WIGEON - This morning I stopped at French Creek on my way back from Deep Bay. As usual, the flock of Wigeons was in the creek along with the resident Mallards. However, one bird seemed a little different. It was a Horned Grebe.