Nov. 16/04

It's been mainly fog and rain for the past week with only the occasional sunny break. In fact, it was raining this morning when I set up my camera under my jacket to get a picture of the Greater White-fronted Goose. Neither the camera nor lens is waterproof, but one can't pass up a good photo opportunity. The sun did break out a couple of hours later, and I took advantage of it to take a picture of the Bufflehead and Downy Woodpecker. I am still waiting for a visit from the Snowy Owl and the Cattle Egret.

CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER - The juvenile Barrow's Goldeneye was merrily cruising down French Creek last week, right in front of my camera. It's a great spot for photography as you just set up and wait for something to cruise by.(Nov. 8/04)

PERPETUAL MOTION - I didn't think the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet at the Englishman Estuary would ever stop moving, but it did for just a second. (Nov. 8/04)

SURPRISE VISITORS - I stopped at Parksville Park to eat my lunch last week and was surprised to see a pair of western Meadowlarks land right in front of me. A walker frightened them off before I could get my camera ready for the perfect close-up, but they did land on a nearby oak tree and I managed a distant shot.

OUT OF THE MIST - I did a double take this morning as I passed a small flock of geese at Fairwinds while I was golfing in the rain. One of them was smaller and didn't have a black head. I have been looking for a Greater White-fronted Goose all fall, and it found me instead. (Nov. 16/04)

DIGITAL PROBLEM - It's a challenge to get a decent photo of a male Bufflehead. I have to under-expose to prevent "blowout" of the white area, but that also darkens the dark areas. (Nov. 16/04)

NO HAIRY - I had 2 chances at Hairy Woodpeckers in the past week, but failed both times. In the first case, I was actually too close (I can't be closer than 18'), and in the second case, it was very foggy and I wasn't close enough. In the meantime, here's another Downy. (Nov. 16/04)