Jan. 11, 2005

With all but the main roads still covered with packed snow and ice, I haven't been too ambitious about running around the countryside, but there's always French Creek. There were 2 strange things I saw today. First, a Mallard with a white collar. I guess it was the minister of the flock. Second, a friendly Killdeer. The only time in 2 years I've been close to a Killdeer was when I was next to the nest and the Killdeer did its decoy act. I was certainly surprised today when a Killdeer came within 10 feet of me. It just continued to forage next to me as if I wasn't there. It sure wasn't camera shy as I took about 20 clicks.

THE HANDSOME HOODED - With its handsome good looks, I'm sure the male Hooded Merganser has no trouble attracting the ladies.

GOOD HAIR DAY - It's no secret that Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Merganser patronize the same hairstylist.

FRIENDLY KILLDEER - Usually the Killdeer is the first bird to sound the alarm and scare everything off. Today the Killdeer was more interested in eating than safety.

TWIN BILLING - They're good buddies now, but just wait until they start courting the same lady duck.


JUNCO AT LAST - I see Dark-eyed Juncos almost everyday of the year and they ask me why they haven't made it onto this website. The reason is simple - it's difficult to take a good picture of them.

OUTFOXING THE FOX - I'm not sure if the Fox Sparrow was shy or sly as it darted back and forth from a little snow cave to grab sunflower seeds from below my feeder. But gradually it had to go a little further and into the view of my camera. (I sure wouldn't want to tangle with those claws.)