While waiting for the flood waters to subside and the sun to shine again, I rummaged through my files of pictures I couldn't bear to delete. I think you'll enjoy some of them.

Jan. 24/05 - THE PATIENCE OF A TREE - I always admire the patience and skill of the Great Blue Heron; however, I didn't have the patience to wait until it speared its breakfast this morning at Buttertubs Marsh.

Nov. 25/04 - THE POLITICIAN - The Black oystercatchers at Qualicum are always chattering about something. I think the current topic was "same sex marriage."

Nov. 19/04 - WATCH OUT BELOW - 23 pounds of Trumpeter Swan coming in for a landing in Cedar.

Nov. 25/04 - MYSTERY BIRD AT DEEP BAY - too close to identify? I know what it is, do you?

Nov. 25/04 - HANDS UP! - I always thought that the eagles were drying their wings when they have them stretched out, but I'm having second thoughts. Maybe they're airing out their armpits? If you know what they're doing in Bowser, let me know.

Nov. 25/04 - WHITE-WASHED - I wonder what this Qualicum Bald Eagle ran into?

Nov. 25/04 - PUTTING ON A SHOW - I love visiting the Long-tailed Ducks at Deep Bay. They are fun to watch even when they aren't showing off.

Nov. 26/04 - FAST FOOD - Don't blink or you'll miss the fish. The Double-crested Cormorants at Schooner Cove don't play with their food. With a quick flip, it's in the mouth and down the throat.

Nov. 4/04 - PERMANENT RESIDENT - The Sandhill Crane must have taken out citizenship in Duncan. It's been there for almost 2 months now.

Nov. 30/04 - DUCK OUT OF WATER - It's not often that you see a Bufflehead on land, but now you have.

Jan. 13/05 - SURVIVOR - It was about 10 below, but this White-crowned Sparrow at San Pareil was doing fine.

Nov. 19/04 - NANOOSE PINTAILS - The Nanoose Creek Estuary is a favorite hangout for Northern Pintails.