Feb. 9/05 - BLIND DATE

Today was the DATE for the duck BLIND I was going to improvise on the Deep Bay Spit to try to get some close-ups of the Longtails and other seabirds. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and Mike ran afoul of the weatherman. As I headed north from the sunny blue skies of Nanoose, I was greeted by cold, dark clouds in Parksville. I dawdled my way to Qualicum and managed to kill 2 hours without finding anything interesting. To appease my dampened spirits, I stopped at QF for lunch - Chow Mein and Black Bean chicken vegie chop suey. Feeling much better, I headed home with only one stop in mind. I wanted to check Kaye Road for a Northern Shrike or Redtail. The Shrike wasn't around, but the Redtail was home. My blind date turned out to be the Redtail hawk.

GULL AMUSEMENT - I was amused by the Admiral's Lagoon Glaucous-winged Gull dropping oysters on the rocks, but it was strickly business for the Gull as it enjoyed Oysters Rockerfeller for lunch.

THE KAYE ROAD REDTAIL - I always enjoy seeing the Kaye Road Redtail especially when there's nothing else around like today.

REDTAIL LUNCH - I guess it was lunchtime for everyone, including the Redtail. How does rat suishi sound to you?

APPETIZER - It only took a few bites to finish the rat. I wonder what's the main course?

READY FOR MORE - The rat was good, but it ony whetted the Redtail's appetite.