Feb. 28/05 - RANDOM SHOTS

It rained today, but who can complain after a record month of sunshine? There is no particular theme to this journal entry as I've been "listless" for a few days. But, there were a few quick stops here and there - Brickyard Bay (Horned Grebes), Parksville Park (Cackler), Rathtrevor (Brant), and the Crow & Gate (lunch!). By the way, if you look at the INDEX, there are a few entries missing as I been deleting them to make room for new entries. As soon as I win the LOTTO, I'll buy more space.

FEB. 21/05

BRICKYARD BUDDIES - The Brickyard gang always intriques me as I'm not used to seeing more than 2 Horned Grebes at a time. There were actually 9 in this group, but one of them was camera shy and slipped out of the picture. Do Horned Grebes usually hang out in flocks? (Brickyard Bay is near Fairwinds Golf Course.)

FEB. 22/05

SITTING GOOSE - It's always a pleasant surprise to see a bird when you don't expect to. I hadn't seen the Cackling Goose in Parksville Park for over a month. It was good to see it return (if it's the same one), and I just happened to have my camera handy.

EASY SUBJECT - It's not often that a wild bird will pose for a photographer. Now just tilt your head a to the left ...

VENTRAL VIEW - Might as well show everyone what the chin looks like from the bottom.

FEB. 23/05

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! - Grab your lawn chair and head down to Rathtrevor Beach to watch the Brant come in. Latest report indicates that there are about 500 in the area and it's still Feb.

CHOW TIME - Eel Grass and sea lettuce were the specials of the day.

EXTRAS - Besides Brant, there was an abundance of gulls, Dunlin, Black-bellied Plovers, and Black Oystercatchers.

FEB. 25/05

LUNCH EXCUSE - It's always a good excuse to head for the Crow and Gate for lunch when you're looking for an American Black Duck. For anyone who has never dined the old English Pub there, the ambience is friendly, and the food is wonderful and very reasonably priced. As for the ducks, there seemed to be at least 2 or 3 Black Ducks mixed in with the Mallards and hybrids.

FREELOADER - The Canvasback was still enjoying the easy life at the Crow. Life is so mellow in the barnyard.