MAR. 11/05

MEET MIKE - Hi Everybody. It's about time I introduced myself. I might have included my photo on this website earlier, but for all the pictures I take, I didn't have a recent one of myself until this week (my wife pressed the shutter). Unfortunately, it was on the sad day that we had to say goodbye to my dear friend of 14 years, Melissa, who was suffering from an osteo-sarcoma on her left hind leg. She'll always be with me even though she's gone.

Anyway, I want to thank all of you for visiting my website. I've enjoyed sharing my photos with you and hope to continue indefinitely. By the way, I've had a few disappointed notes from new visitors regarding deleted journals, so I'll be buying more space and won't be deleting any more files. I've also had a number of inquiries about my proposed book. I've met with a publisher and decided that if I proceed, the best route to go is self-publish. I'm in the process of getting all the information before I make a decision.

I didn't do much birding this week but couldn't resist a couple of trips to Qualicum to see the amazing spectacle of thousands and thousands of ducks massing just offshore - scoters, scaups, mergansers, goldeneye, Harlequins, and maybe even a King Eider like last year. This should continue for a couple of weeks so if you get the chance, the sooner the better. This afternoon I stopped at Admiral's Lagoon and had the pleasure of meeting Terri who was counting Brant. It was also the perfect time to enjoy the Brant and Bonaparte Gulls.

Mar. 7/05

SAN MALO MOMENT - With spring in the air, it's time to look for a partner. This pair of American Wigeons at San Malo were enjoying the tranquility of a spring morning. I wonder if they all choose their mates before they head inland for their honeymoon and breeding season?

MR. & MRS. S. TOWHEE were enjoying the spring sunshine on the fence next to Nile Creek.

SPRING SONG - I'm not sure if the Bewick's Wren at Eaglecrest was looking for love or serenading spring.

Mar. 11/05

A FRACTION OF THE ACTION - The post-herring spawn congregation of ducks off Qualicum and the Mid-Island is an impressive annual spectacle.

DUCKS ON THE ROCK - Harlequin Ducks love to sit on the rocks for preening and sunning. Low tide is the best time to see them on the rocks by the viewing stand in north Qualicum.

A HANDSOME PAIR - The banquet of herring caviar wasn't the only thing Mr. & Mrs. Harlequin was thinking of.

MARCH MADNESS - Admiral's Lagoon was a hive of activity as Brant, Wigeons, Mallards, and gulls congregated for an evening feast. Contributing to the madness was a Bald Eagle that scattered the flock whenever they got comfortable.

VEGETARIANS - I know the Brant like eel grass and sea lettuce, but I'm told they also like the herring caviar.

SCRAMBLE - Guess who just who just buzzed the flock.

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