APR. 7/05 - Sports Illustrated has an annual swimsuit issue so I decided to have an annual "Harry the Hummer" issue. In other words, I've been busy at home and haven't been out much. However, good old Harry conveniently decided to camp beside one of the 3 feeders he was guarding. I set up the tripod and camera beside the window and whenever I took a break, I clicked a few pictures of him. I also saw my first Orange-crowned Warbler of the year and a Sharpie charging through the holly tree looking for a snack.

By the way, I've been trying to upgrade my website for 2 weeks, but I don't know how many more layers of bureaucracy I have to wade through. It's not easy when you're dealing with a multinational corporation. Unfortunately, I had to delete another file just to squeak Harry in. My apologies for breaking my promise.


READY FOR ACTION - Harry keeps the engine revved up as soon as anything gets near his "no fly zone."

HANDSOME HARRY (aka the Nanoose Gigolo!)- Harry knows the ladies just can't resist his lady-killer good looks. With at least 6 or 7 ladies in his harem, he is indeed a busy fellow.

INTRUDER AT 6 O'CLOCK! - It's not just the "no fly zone" that Harry watches. There's also a "no crawl zone."

SLEEPING ON THE JOB & TALKING IN HIS SLEEP - All right, Harry isn't perfect. When you're on the job 24-7, you have to catch a nap whenever you can. But, with the gift of the gab, Harry can't stop talking, even in his sleep.

STOP! Red is definitely the "BEWARE OF MAD HUMMER" signal regardless of whether you are a male or female.

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