Apr. 23/05 - The brilliant morning sunshine was much too inviting to resist. Even my wife was anxious to go birding without a mention of "Starbucks." The plan was to visit Legacy Marsh in Lantzville. That would take us right past the area where the Mountain Bluebird was reported 2 days ago. I had no expectation that the Bluebird would still be around, but I knew Legacy would be interesting. At the south end of Legacy, we were greeted by a host of Yelow-rumped Warblers chasing flying insects from the willows and alders, and the arousing call of the Pied-billed Grebe. That was 2 positive signs for an interesting day.

THE FUGITIVE - For some reason 3 Song Sparrows were giving the chase to this poor Savannah. It took refuge at the bottom of a willow and seemed relieved to have us distract the Song Sparrows.

BUSY WREN - Marsh Wren seemed to be everywhere with their incessant chatter. There was one up the trail showing off to my wife with his nest building skills, but I had to choose between waiting for the Wood Duck to swim into my viewfinder or going for the Wren. I chose the former, but found another wren later on. It wasn't building a nest, but it was making a racket.

A PLEASANT INTERUPTION - While I was waiting for the Wood Duck, a pretty Common Yellowthroat flew up to a nearby willow.

SURPRISE APPEARANCE - I was expecting the Wood Duck to approach from the right, but a movement to my left caught my eye. The Wood Duck had taken a shortcut and popped out right in front of me. What gorgeous colours. He was just as surprised as I was. I managed to click twice before it decided on a quick exit.

A RELAXED VISIT - I went to check out the Marsh Wren that was still busy with its nest-building. Unfortunately, it wouldn't show off for me like it did earlier for my wife. I gave it 20 minutes then decided to go back to see if the Wood Duck would return. I didn't really expect it to, but, lo and behold, out popped the male Wood Duck with his wife! This time he didn't seem afraid. They both foraged for food in front of me before quietly working their way down the marsh.

MOST WANTED LIST - The Wood Duck was on my list of "pictures I need to improve on." So was the Common Yellowthroat. 2 in 1 day is a worthy accomplishment. We had to celebrate by going to Starbucks.


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