Apr. 26/05 - Just another home day, trying to get some work done. That meant the only photos today would be Harry if he would ever settle down, and maybe a yard bird if I was lucky.

HARRY'S BACK! (He's been running around a lot.) - Yes, he's back, looking tough and guarding his feeder again. But, he doesn't seem as tough as a couple of weeks ago. Of course, with all the natural nectars available, the feeders aren't nearly as busy these days. It's probably easier to find a flower than to put up with Harry. (He's even cute from the backside.)

CHEWY CHEWY! - I was still trying for a better picture of the Black-throated Gray Warbler. I could hear him in the forest.On my next tea break, I took a stroll around the yard. I could hear Chewy high in the trees so just for the fun of it, I tried a few pishes. Was I ever surprised to see him pop out right down in front of me. I had a chance for 2 quick shots before he flew into the shadows. I'll get him next time.

Apr. 28/05 - Today was not a birding day, but a quick trip to Parksville and Nanaimo allowed for a couple of quick stops on the way at San Malo, Sebastian Park, and Nanoose Flats.

GROUP OF SEVEN - On the way to Nanaimo I made a quick detour to Sebastian Park to see if I could find out where Ralph is hiding the Horned Grebe. I didn't find his Grebe, but I did find the GROUP OF SEVEN - Pacific Loons that is. They weren't too far off the rocks which allowed for my camera to do a little painting.

TRANSITION PLUMAGE - Some of the Loons were looking mighty fine with their new wardrobe almost complete.

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN - There were two pairs of goslings with two sets of parents at San Malo. There's more on the way as I saw a nest with 6 eggs.

PEEP TIME - I usually plan to spend a few hours with the peeps every spring. High tide at San Malo is not a good time, but there was one lonesome Least Sandpiper waiting for me.

BOYS OF BRAZIL - I'm not sure if the Nanoose Flats colony of Purple Martins is from Brazil, but that's as good a guess as any. I didn't bother trying to read any bands, but I wonder what kind of data is available. Anyway, it was fun just stand a watch them glide around for a half hour. Apparently they have been back for at least a week.


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