May 7/05 - Admiral's Lagoon - Killdeer & Dunlin

KILLDEER UNDERCOVER REPORT - Most people have seen part of the Killdeer decoy act, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Our investigative reporter was given the assignment to expose the many facets of the decoy act.

THE FULL MEAL DEAL - Stage 1 of the Killdeer act is the fanned tail as shown in a previous journal. Stage 2 is the escalation to the highest level when the tail feathers fly all over and one of the wing is helicoptering wildly.

THE FICKLE FINGER - Stage 3 (below) is the ultimate insult. The skinny tail feather (rod) is the equivalent to the human fickle finger of fate. It is guaranteed to annoy any attacker and totally distract it from the eggs or fledglings.

A FLOCK OF ONE - The only other time I've seen a Dunlin by itself was at Whiffen Spit in Nov. This little guy was all by its lonesome today at Admiral's Lagoon.

KEEPING FIT - I can't over-emphasize the importance of stretching. It is vital to keep the joints flexible. Now stretch the other wing ...

May 9/05

FAVORITISM - Just how does a Chipping Sparrow make it into today's journal when we covered them not too long ago? Being a backyard bird does have its privileges. I'm hoping my pair of Chippers have a nest in my yard somewhere. It would be fun to see some little chippers flying around. Talk about backyard birds, I'm still trying to get a photo of one of my Townsend Warblers, but I've only had one glimpse so far. I hear 3 or 4. Does anyone know how to attract them?

On the way home from a bookselling trip today, I stopped at the Rockinghorse Ranch to see if the Redbreasted Sapsucker was nesting there again this year. It was in the process of making a new home as the old address was occupied by Starlings.

It's a nasty job but someone has to do it.

It's getting deeper. Just a few more hours to go. Anyone got a router?

FOOOOOOOOEEEE!! This willow wood tastes awful!

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