May 15/05 - I wasn't happy with the quality of yesterday's journal, so I thought I would try to for a few better shots today. The weather wasn't the best, but it was warm and dry, and I did find a few interesting shots. Maybe it was a good omen that I got 4 birdies in my morning round of golf. I hope you have a good appetite as my theme is FOOD.


FOOD FOR THE FAMILY - Mrs. Redwing Blackbird was shopping at the organic food market by Dolphin Lake. She picked up a fine bunch of nutitional goodies for the kids.

FROM THE FISH MARKET - Mr. Eagle was so tired from lugging the catch of the day that he had to stop and rest before getting to the nest by Dolphin Lake. That's a good-sized fish. (I don't know if the young ones have hatched yet. They raised 2 last year.)


SLIM PICKINGS - It was a slow day at Rascal Lane for Mr. Yellowrump. He was having trouble making a living.

SPOTTING THE SPOTTIES - There were at least 3 Spotted Sandpiper at Rascal Lane today. Was the female lining up her potential husbands? I wonder how she ranks them?

MYSTERY BIRD - I don't mind admitting that Flycatchers are still a mystery to me especially when they are quiet. HELP! (Besides the Olive-sided, this is a year first for me.)

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