Mar. 25, 2004

Hi Everybody,

(As the weatherman is promising rain for the rest of the week, here's my Mar. 29 installment.) Ducks and Gulls by the thousands off Qualicum Beach - quite a sight! If you're lucky or good, you can find a Slaty-backed, Glaucous, or Iceland Gull and a King Eider Duck. Being neither lucky nor good, I got cross-eyed, neck-strained, and totally frustrated last Tue. (Mar. 23) searching the flocks (with binoculars) so it was a pleasant break to retreat to the Morningstar ponds to look for newly-arrived spring migrants. I was not disappointed as there was an abundance of Yellow-rumped Warblers and assorted swallows.


PERPETUAL MOTION - The beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler's rhythmic flight from tree-over-water-to-tree was fun to watch but a challenge to photograph.


HUNTING BREAK - Despite their seemingly effortless fly-catching flights over the Morningstar ponds, the Violet-green and Tree Swallows needed to rest occasionally.


RUFOUS ARRIVALS - Like everyone else, I was anxiously awaiting my first Rufous. The flamboyant tangerine orange male arrived on Mar. 20th while the exquisite irridescent lime females followed on Mar. 23rd.


PRETTY IN PINK - The diminutive Bushtit was enjoying the beauty of the Japanese Plum blossums at Fairwinds while probing for lunch.

BARRY'S FLICKER - The handsome Northern Flicker was caught in the act of sneaking up to Barry Kerr's frontyard suet basket in Nanoose.

MAKE-OVER TIME - 'Tis the time of year for the Qualicum Beach Bonaparte to change its hairstyle.

GUESS WHAT THE DOWNY IS DOING? - You're right! Its sneaking up to Doug Harris' suet basket in Garry Oaks.

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