Mar. 30, 2004

Hi Everybody,
The fruit trees at Rathtrevor's old farm were alive with Ruby-crowned Kinglets on Monday (Mar. 29th). I was surprised to get a photo showing the ruby crown. My objective this week was to get a few photos of the male Rufous Hummingbird. That was easier than I thought as Harry the Hummer just loved posing for the camera. This is my Apr. 4th edition, but since I'm finished, here it is.



All right, so the ruby crown wasn't exposed as much as you imagined. This is not the National Enquirer, and that's all I could get in an hour of stalking and shooting at Rathtrevor on Monday.


When my impetuous male Rufous arrived on Mar. 20th, I made it my mission to get some decent photos. Now it seems that I have at least 2 different males (and 3 females). HARRY the HOTHEAD is the traditional orange-backed Rufous while HENRY the COOL ONE is among the rarer green-backed 5%. Most of the photos feature Harry as he is the outgoing one who craves the spotlight.

GORGEOUS GORGET - The fascinating gorget of the male rufous is truly dazzling with its variation of colors.


PRETTY BACKSIDE - According to Sibley's 5% of males have a predominantly green backside like Henry on the left. The other 95% like Harry on the right have orange backs.

IF LOOKS COULD KILL - HARRY the HOTHEAD gets very agitated when anyone goes near "his" feeders

HARRY'S PHOTO ALBUM - It seems that Harry is the aggressive, outgoing member of the family and spends his time guarding the feeders. He also loves publicity and was only too happy to pose for the photographer.

showing off the gorget - the girls like that ...

my backside looks good too ...

stay away from my feeders ...

Watch out! We just ruffled Harry's feathers.

I'm cool - you can take my picture ...

It's not polite to show your plumbing , Harry.

all's well with the world ... happy birding everyone