Apr. 1, 2004

Hi Everybody,

Have you ever wondered why so many birds are named "American" like the American Goldfinch, American Robin, etc? On the ABA list, there are 17 such birds and only 2 for "Canada" - the Canada Goose and Canada Warbler. Hardly seems fair does it? I wonder who represented us at the bilateral bird naming summit? Well, it's time to change things so, at the risk of offending the ABA, I'm claiming the Common Loon as the "Canadian Loon." My feature this week is the "Canadian Loon." (The breeding plumage sure looks great. Photos taken on Apr. 1 at French Creek.)


Hi everybody! Mike just took out my citizenship and adopted me as the "Canadian Loon".
I'll be heading north soon so please join me for lunch.

Hey, look what I just caught - my favorite meal "sole au naturelle."

I just have to reorientate it a bit.

It's better when it's upside down.

When it's lined up, I just open my throat.

Bottoms up everybody.

One "sole au naturelle" coming down the esophagus.

Mmmmmmmm! That was delicious. My compliments to the chef.
Sorry there wasn't enough to share. You're supposed to catch your own anyway.

I wonder what's for dessert?

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