Apr. 13, 2004

Hi Everybody,
Isn't it wonderful to wake up to a symphony of bird music in the morning? That's country living!

As I don't expect to be out much for the rest of the week, I'll just share what I already have. This week's meanderings included a short boat ride to Yeo Island and a bike ride to the Northwest Bay to visit the sea lions and Great Blue Heron Rookery, and as it turned out, the "wounded" Killdeer.(All photos taken on Apr. 9/04)

PROTECTION BY DECEPTION - There is nothing protecting 4 little jewels of life from imminent danger except the remarkable acting skills of 2 brave and tireless parent Killdeer.

THE WOUNDED BIRD ROUTINE - The flashing of the tail feathers and feigning injury has drawn many a predator away from the four exposed and vulnerable eggs. Nominated for best actor award.

FIGHT TO THE END? - When the wounded bird routine failed, the parent stood its ground in front of the nest which was simply on top of a few sticks by the roadside.

MATERNITY WARD - Unlike the Killdeer, Mrs. Great Blue heron has a carefully constructed nest in the Heron Rookery. In a week or two the rookery should become invisible as the foliage on the trees thicken.



"Please marry me. I'll love you forever."


"We'll raise a beautiful family, and I'll always be true to you."


YEO ISLAND BIRDS - Yeo is a small rocky island a short distance directly in front of Schooner Cove.

DUNLINS BY THE DOZEN - Maybe a 100 dozen accompanied by 2 Black Oystercatchers, a score of Black Turnstones, and about 100 Surfbirds.

PROTECTIVE COLOURATION - The Surfbirds blend in extremely well with their surroundings.(Is this picture mesmerizing to you or is it just me?)

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