Apr. 19, 2004

Hi Everybody,
I had a short birding morning today to take advantage of the few rays we're supposed to get this week. I didn't see much, but had a fine visit with a Brant at Admiral's Lagoon. I also stopped at Nanoose Bay to see if any Purple Martins have returned. The only bird around the nest boxes was a Bald Eagle.

There are strange things done
In the morning sun
Down at Admiral's Lagoon
Just ask my Aunt
'Bout Brenda Brant
Who thought she was a gull ...

BRENDA THE BRANT (Apr. 19/04 - Admiral's Lagoon)

I'm not sure if Brenda got left behind by her flock or whether she chose to stay behind to visit with her Gull buddies.


Whenever she was hungry, Brenda would fly over to the salad bar at the Lagoon.

She would always invite the gulls to dine with her, but couldn't understand why they never accepted her invitation. Oh well, just more salad for herself.

RANDOM SHOTS - Redwing Blackbird at Fairwinds, Great Blue Heron at Admiral's Lagoon, and Sea Lion at Madrona Point.


BIRD GAMES with CANDY the Eagle and Colin the Crow (Apr. 19/04 - Nanoose Bay)

Hey Colin, let's play tag - you're it.


photo left - You can't catch me

photo right - gotcha - you're it!

That was fun but I'm going to rest for awhile

It's hard work playing tag.

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