Apr. 24, 2004

Hi Everybody,
Deja vu. Yesterday (Friday, Apr. 23) I made the same run from Nanoose to French Creek as I did on Thur. I wanted to get a few more shots of the Band-tails and Westerns. I waited an hour by Nanoose Bay for the Band-tails to come back to their drinking spot. But, just as the birds started to fly in, a man came strolling by with his dog. I guess you've heard that story before. Fortunately, French Creek was perfect. First, I caught the Kamakazi Kingfisher (wish I was closer). Then despite all the people, I had the beach to myself. Well, not quite. There was a flock of about a 1000 Dunlin by the creek mouth. Next, at the bay, there was a tidy little bunch of 30 Western Sandpipers. Finally, in front of the Coast Guard Station, I spotted 2 Pacific Loons and a Pigeon Guillemot. I sat on the beach waiting to see if they would come in. They didn't but the Bonapartes were flying low looking for food. I had fun working on flight shots and exposure compensation. More deja vu - I stopped at Morningstar on my way home.


Reconnaissance Flight - Flying low over the water searching for prey.

Diving for lunch - something like bobbing for apples?

POOL PARTY - Bathing and cooling off in the afternoon heat.


ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT - I guess my little flock of 30 Westerns is miniscule compared to the 1000's they're seeing over the mainland and west coast. I saw 10 on Thur., 30 on Fri. - maybe the large flock is coming.

The flock might be small, but they're just as pretty.

Traffic Jam - Miles of beach and everyone wants the same square inch.

If you're going to critcize, we're leaving.


It was an impressive dive but, she came up empty.

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