Mar. 1, 2004

Hi Everybody,
My plan was to wait a week or two between journals while I collected enough photos to share, but what do you do when you have some photos that are "too hot to hold"? Yes, I'm talking about Jamie Fenneman's Fanny Bay King Eider. Thanks, Jamie, for discovering the bird; thanks, Bob Flemming, for putting me in camera range before he sold his boat; and thanks, King Eider for staying around so long. With no further ado, I present King Eider of Fanny Bay!


Photo left - Brandt's Cormorant at Deep Bay

Photo right - Double-crested Cormorant leaving Deep Bay


Photo left - Pigeon Guillemot - Looking for a snack at Deep Bay

Photo right - Pigeon Guillemot leaving with snack

Photo - Sign of spring at the Parksville visitor center

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